Why Fixed Base Routers Are So Popular?

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Why Fixed Base Routers Are So Popular?

One of the important tools that are widely used by the carpenters is the wood router. In fact, you can also use it on your own for performing small woodworking applications like making cabinets or cutting an edge pattern. While you will get to see different kinds of routers like plunge or fixed base routers, but you can also get a best wood router with all features under a single kit. It can help the woodworkers to avoid the hassle of buying separate bases of a router.

Knowing About Plunge Routers & Fixed Base Routers

A plunge router is able to move up and down the base as it comes with spring-loaded arms on both sides. This allows the users to manually plunge the cutting bit deep down into the material. This wood router is necessary when you are working on top of the board for applications like dadaos, fluting, grooves, etc.

The fixed base routers are locked to the base and the user cannot move the cutting bit or plunge it deep into the device. For making precise cuts, this router is always preferred by the woodworkers.

Why Fixed-Base Routers Are Popular?

The fixed based routers can help to perform accurate tasks like they have the ability to make precise cuts at depths. This is crucial for when you are performing a tedious work like dovetail joints. The fixed-base routers are easy to maneuver and control than the plunge routers. The plunge routers stand the chance of getting tipped off and the cut can get improper or burnt. Not only that when the router is being used with a routing table, the fixed base routers are more preferred.

Many reputed manufacturing companies are now selling combo routing kits, but before you take the plunge to purchase them, it’s better to go through the wood router reviews that are available on the site.