The Easy Way to Change Atomizer Coils

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The Easy Way to Change Atomizer Coils

Atomizers coils need to be changed often as they burn out with use and adversely affect your vaping experience. Many are unsure about the right time when the atomizer coil must be changed and either end up waiting too long or changing it days before it is required. The right time is simply when you start noticing a burnt taste. Coil replacements and cheap e liquid can be easily found on the internet. However, the next question arises: how to change atomizer coils?

The Bottom Coil and Top Coil

There are two types of clearomizers, the top and the bottom coil. The names just refer to the physical location of the coils: if it is a bottom coil clearomizer then the coil is located below of the device. On the other hand, if it is a top coil clearomizer, the location of the atomizer coil will be near the top of the device. Most devices out there are bottom coil ones but there are top coils in use as well.

Replacing In a Bottom Coil Clearomizer

When dealing with a bottom coil clearomizer, you just simply have to remove the base by unscrewing it. The clearomizer coil will be attached to the center of the base. All you have to do is unscrew the coil and discard it before screwing on the new replacement. When this is done, screw on the base on the clearomizer and you are all done.

Replacing In a Top Coil Clearomizer

When you are dealing with a top coil clearomizer, just remove the top portion of the device where the mouthpiece is located. This is also known as the drip tip. You will find that the coil is attached to the center. Repeat the process of unscrewing and replacing.

You might experience a burnt taste until the wick is saturated properly, but this will go away after you let the clearomizer sit for a while and absorb the cheap e liquid.